Micro-Chip Readers

(ex. UK) reads all 15 / 10 digit microchips used extensively by vets, shelters, police in Europe / UK

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Our Microchip Readers can read all FDX-B (ISO11784) and FDX-A (10 digits) as well as HDX microchips. Ideal for companion animal veterinary practices, pet rescue shelters and low-volume manual scanning operations. Our unit also has rechargeable battery by mini USB port, easy to use. Able to read all microchips currently in South Africa including bio-thermal chips and comes with a 1 year warranty

  • Reads FDX-B (15 digit) for all export / import
  • Reads FDX-A (10 digit) for backward compatibility
  • Supports bio-thermal to report temperature

Additional information and Resources

  1. International HALO website
  2. Reader Specifications
  3. Video guide on HALO scanners