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Upload your lost / Stolen animal to our Halo scanner’s memory. Halo is used by hundreds of Vets, Shelters, Rescue etc.

GetMeKnown (GMK) is providing a feature called hotlist which allows owners to upload a lost or stolen microchip number directly to all the Halo scanner’s internal databases. This GMK feature caters for all types of microchips regardless of their supplier. Let's Get Them Known ...

As soon as a user has uploaded their personal contact details to the GMK hotlist database, GMK immediately uploads the information to more than 500 Halo scanner internal databases throughout South Africa. The Halo Scanner gets updated every time a Halo scanner is charged. Charging the halo scanner is done via a computer’s USB port and will be updated accordingly if the user ensures it connected to the internet. The scanner will inform a user whether a pet has been stolen or lost furthermore this means there will be no need for a computer to access information.

The Halo scanner is an independent mobile unit with the reported hotlist in the scanner's internal memory. Consequently the process of using the scanner can be compared to a scenario where an individual’s credit card is stolen. If a thief attempts to use the stolen card, the cashier will immediately be informed whether the card was stolen or lost. This will inevitably lead to immediate intervention by third parties.

The Ranger or Border Control Officer doesn’t need a computer to access the database as the database of lost pets is conveniently updated on the scanner. After the process of scanning a microchip, the information displayed on the scanner screen can lead to quick action and the safe return of an individual’s beloved pet. This is a unique and innovative product which allows customers a more efficient way of locating their pet.

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