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Used by Kusa, CASA and many more

The Goal of Get Me Known is to create an Online Microchip Management Service that will allow you to manage all your registered Micro-Chip in an Easy to understand manner while still giving you complete control.

With features that allow you to transfer ownership (no need to waste time and contact us), logging of actions for use as evidence etc. You're in Good Hands and here's why;

  • NEW - The international HALO Scanner (ex. UK) reads all the microchips, no more excuses. Even the new temperature chips, for a incredible R1780 ! Click here for more
  • Get Me Known and the International standards like ICAR - Click Here
  • Backed by a Company in existance and supporting "dogdom" since 2009
  • International Accessible database stored on rack servers - We have never been offline from public launch. Our Infrastructure is Maintained by Certified Engineers.

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